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28 Feb 2023

National Science Day is a special day to celebrate scientific achievements in India.

28th February, “National Science Day” is a special day to celebrate scientific achievements in India. The theme for 2023 is “Global Science for Global Wellbeing”. To commemorate this special day, the Faculty of Life Sciences, IAMR organized a variety of activities such as debates, quizzes, poster making, and PowerPoint presentations. Through these activities, students got exposed to different aspects of science and become more aware of scientific advancements. The events also spread awareness about the importance of science and its applications in daily life. The celebration started with a debate on the topic “Are vaccines safe or risky for children” and “Are GMOs can be harmful in long run”. This was followed by a quiz based on “Global Science for Global Wellbeing”. Students were divided into groups and asked to create posters and slogan writing on the theme of “Science and Technology”. The posters were judged by a panel composed of faculty members. After the poster competition, there was a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) on different topic like “Nurture nature for our future”; “Recent advancements in Agricultural Biotechnology and Medical Microbiology”. The PPT was presented by the students and discussed by the panel. The event was a great success and was enjoyed by all the students and faculty. It provided a platform for the students to express their ideas, opinions, and creativity on the topic of science and technology. This event also helped to spread awareness about the importance and benefits of science and technology.