Global Education

IAMR believes into quality education with corporate exposure. The philosophical pillars upon which rests the edifice of IAMR’s educational pedagogy and development are Influencing Practice and Promoting Value-based Growth.
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Unique Pedagogy

We believe in providing industry exposure in conjunction with original research and in imparting knowledge to our students through our unique pedagogy.
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Value Added Module

Value-added courses are designed to enhance the standard of the students beyond those levels specified in academic curriculum. In order to enhance employability of the students value added courses are included in the curriculum.
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Why MBA from IAMR

Teaching, at IAMR, is highly practical and focused on the needs of the corporate world, as it is evolved through constant interaction with industry and academic advisory board members.
Case studies, industry projects, workshops, presentations, and role-play all form a significant role in the students' course curriculum, helping to provide a strong academic foundation and hone their skills. IAMR’s courses place a premium on developing students’ analytical abilities, problem-solving abilities, communication skills and ability to work as a team.
Experts from the IAMR impart a comprehensive and cross-functional curriculum in a truly global format. Students may also study various certificate and diploma programs offered by IIT/IIM/IIFT/SAP/others while pursuing their degree/diploma program.
At IAMR, we lay an emphasis on students’ personality development right from the joining of the course and prepare them for the corporate world. Various workshops on topics such as leadership, effective communication, team work etc. are conducted for students to ensure that IAMRians grow into successful global business leaders.
IAMR is a center of quality management education because of its cohesive network of academicians, scholars, and business practitioners from around the world.
Students from across the country enroll in IAMR’s various courses with a goal of becoming a better professional and innovating with sustainable business ideas and ventures that, when implemented, contribute to the country’s growth.
Additionally, the institution seeks to foster a deep understanding among participants and a theoretical and practical grasp of the complex collection of interrelated economic, social, legal, and environmental issues among students by bringing out secret talents, skills, and capabilities.