Our Mission

The basic mission of the trust is to provide education and training to all eligible students and aspirants of learning in various disciplines irrespective of their caste, creed, color or community. The trust is committed to provide highest quality of infrastructure and education in selective fields of higher management education through IAMR.

We aspire to accomplish mission through:

  • Student-centric pedagogy that will emphasized on attitude, we include spirituality and skill development.
  • Exposure of students to a value- based growth toe every community.
  • Synthesis of competition-based western efficiency and collaboration-centric eastern ethos in our intellectual contributions and curriculum; and
  • Intellectual contributions aimed at influencing practice.

In our students, we recognize a predisposition and willingness to be a doer first. We also emphasis sensitivity to the social footprint of business actions and the role of spirituality in a balanced approach to decision making.

In our faculty members, we recognize a commitment to delivering outstanding learner-centric pedagogy by taking advantage of the personal, residential nature of our programmes. We also require them to create and disseminate knowledge aimed at influencing practice.

As a community, we will realize these objectives through integrity, self-accountability, professional discipline, and hard work.

We value operational freedom and uphold an entrepreneurial, agile, flexible, and collaborative culture.

Our Vision

The trust’s vision is to establish IAMR as one of the country`s leading MBA institutions and to aspire to be a vibrant hub of higher technical education, known for grooming the country’s future leaders.

How we do it

We believe in providing industry exposure in conjunction with original research and in imparting knowledge to our students through our unique pedagogy.

Adding value to our stakeholders

Corporates: For leading entrepreneurs and corporate houses, we are the first choice for academic collaboration.

Students: Through our innovative pedagogy and industry-integrated curriculum, we instill a global perspective in students, preparing them to be future leaders and managers. This is accomplished by establishing a collaborative and engaging two-way learning environment. Our student body is diverse, representing people at various stages of their careers and from a variety of industries.

Faculty: A supportive atmosphere combined with enriching and stimulating tasks enables them to achieve excellence in their fields of interest.

Alumni: Alumni are the institute's brand ambassadors. Alumni are actively involved in a variety of learning processes, serving as organizational mentors to the studying students. Significant components of our strategy were co-created and executed in collaboration with alumni.

Employees: IAMR is committed to providing a flexible, challenging, and enriching work climate conducive to employee growth.

Society: We cultivate aspiring managers and future leaders by instilling in them ethical values that benefit the entire community.