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11 Oct 2023

The second day of the 9th MBA orientation program

The second day of the 9th MBA orientation program at IAMR was a dynamic blend of academic insights, team-building activities, and an introduction to the campus culture. The schedule unfolded as follows:
1) Academic and Extracurricular Activities:
Participants were given a comprehensive overview of the upcoming academic curriculum, highlighting key subjects, faculty members, and the structure of the MBA program. Simultaneously, the array of extracurricular activities available on campus was presented, ranging from sports and cultural events to student clubs and community service initiatives. This session aimed to illustrate the holistic development IAMR seeks to foster in its students.
2) Code of Conduct in Campus:
A crucial component of the orientation was an elucidation of the campus's code of conduct. Students were briefed on the expectations regarding behavior, ethics, and respect for diversity within the IAMR community. The emphasis was on creating a conducive environment for learning, collaboration, and personal growth.